5 features that should be in every PC game.

There are many features present in some games that improve your video gaming experience that may sometimes not be present in many upcoming games. Sometimes, this leaves you wondering if game developers ever learn from previous game releases. Here are some of the few features we hope make it into every PC game from now on.

5. Description of the graphical options

The meaning of some options, such as texture and shadow quality, is rather obvious, but the meanings of many others, such as Post Processing and Anisotropic Filtering, may not be familiar with many gamers. In fact, some graphical options are so obscure that many gaming enthusiasts do not even know what they do. Of course, you can always just Google those phrases, and you’ll get a rough idea of what they mean, but we just hope developers put a little more effort and explain these terms when you hover over them, and give a rough idea of the visual and performance gain or loss. This will, in turn, help players make the “best” choice when selecting their graphical settings.

4. Anisotropic Filtering Option

Although many games do have this option in the settings, some do not. This occurs for many reasons. Maybe there are no real visual gain with AF in some games, or maybe because developers are too lazy to even bother putting this option anyway. To fix this, many gamers force AF in their graphic card control panel, but isn’t that taking it a little too far? All PC games must have this option!

3. Lean Feature

Okay, many of you may not appreciate leaning in first person shooter games because you never used this feature any way. Still, many do use it when available and take it to their advantage. The fact that leaning does, somewhat, add a whole dimension to the battlefield, we are surprised that many recent games don’t even support it, even though it is not really that hard to implement.

2. Real Gamepad Support

Nothing is worse than buying a peripheral in hopes you’d be able to play your games better now, and then realize that the games you’d want to play with the peripheral have limited or no support for said peripheral in the first place!

1. Benchmarking Tool

Well, a benchmarking tool isn’t really necessary. It’s just that an accurate benchmarking tool is really beneficial when you first load up a game. Instead of wasting valuable game-time finishing quests with an unstable frame rate that may spoil the game for you, you would just run the benchmarking tool then apply whatever settings that will give you the right performance.

Best Antivirus?

Today for my first blog post,we will be examining the 5 most acclaimed and popular anti-viruses, and we are going to group them based on their accessibility and usability(scanning speed,features,etc)

Here is a quick look at the anti-viruses we will be examining:

They will be running on an average processor, intel core 2 dou e6600 2,4ghz

.Kaspersky 2009
.Eset NOD 32
.Symantec antivirus
.Avast! pro antivirus
.Grisoft AVG 8.0.93
1.Scanning speed

The Scanning speed of an Anti-virus is perhaps the most important aspect of the anti-virus.Consumers seek out the fastest and least tedious mean to scan their computer and now we are going to unveil the best

1.Eset NOD 32-Revolutionary-Scanned 60,000 objects(40gb) in 6 minutes and 48 seconds,or 408 seconds.Average speed:98 mb/s, 100%

2.Symantec antivirus-Excellent-Scanned 60,000 objects(40gb) in 13 minutes and 40 seconds,or 820 seconds.Average speed:48.7 mb/s, 49.7% speed of NOD 32

3.Kaspersky 2009-Good-Scanned 60,000 objects(40gb) in 17 minutes and 1 second, or 1021 seconds.Average speed:39.17 mb/s, 39.9% speed of NOD 32

4.Avast! pro-Average-Scanned 60,000 objects(40gb) in 17 minutes and 31 seconds, or 1051 seconds.Average speed:38.05 mb/s. 38.8% speed of NOD 32

5.Grisoft AVG-Poor-Scanned 60,000 objects(40gb) in 24 minutes and 7 seconds, or 1447 seconds. Average speed:27.6 mb/s. 28.1% speed of NOD 32

2.Features and Accessibility

The Features and the Accessibility of the anti-virus will pretty much be the first things you get a taste of, after you purchase the anti-virus,and if they fall below your expectations,I have no doubt that you’ll demand a refund.

1.Kaspersky 2009-Perfect-Very easy to use, the interface is excellent,and it has many options and features.

2.Eset NOD 32-Excellent-Easy to use as Kaspersky, interface is outstanding ,not as many options and features as Kaspersky(No Schedule Scanner?)

3.Grisoft AVG-Excellent-Easy to use, interface is ok, lots of options and features.

4.Symantec antivirus-Average-Outdated interface, easy to use after getting used to, lots of options and features

5.Avast! pro-Poor-Interface is too stylish, hard to use and understand, Moderate amount of options and features.

3.R.A.M Usage

More Ram Usage will reduce your computer speed!

1.Eset NOD 32-Revolutionary-1 process in Windows Task Manager, uses around 6-8 mbs

2.Symantec antivirus-Excellent-1 process, uses around 11mb ram

3.Kaspersky 2009-Good-2 processes, uses around 30 mb ram

4.Grisoft AVG-Poor-5 processes, uses around 38 mb ram

5.Avast! pro-Terrible-1 process, uses around 74mb ram

1.Grisoft AVG-Excellent-1 year is 34.99$
2.Eset NOD 32-Good-1 year is 39$
3.Symantec antivirus-Good-1 year is 39.99$
4.Kaspersky2009-Poor-1 year is 59.95$
5.Avast! pro-Terrible-1 year is 79.95$

How Microsoft shot itself in the foot with the Fable 3 PC version

With the recent Microsoft announcement at GDC regarding the Fable 3 PC release date, It has become apparent that not only has Microsoft shot itself in the foot, but also that it has been shooting itself repeatedly to the point where one can doubt whether it can stand on them again ever since it shut down Ensemble studios, which was notable for games such as Age of Mythology. The Fable series is just one of many examples in which Microsoft completely gave the shaft to PC gamers. For this reason, it seems sensible to completely disregard any future entries. Why?
Fable 2 was never released on PC

Aside from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise, the fable series is one of the few series in which its games were never released at the same time the console equivalent was. The prime difference, however, is that the Assassin’s Creed franchise is predictable. Since no Assassin’s Creed PC version was ever released the same day as the console version, we can predict that no Assassin’s Creed game will ever reach both platforms the same day, which is, honestly, fine, as the PC version is usually superior to the console version anyway. The Fable 3 series, however, takes a different approach. Although the original Fable and Fable 3 do provide enhancements over the console version, the fact that Microsoft did not have any plans to release the lauded sequel, Fable 2, which has a higher metacritic score than the third game, for no particular reason at all just infuriates the fans of the series on the PC platform.
Fable 3 PC release date

If you have heard of the recent announcement at GDC, you would know that Fable 3 is scheduled to be released on May 17th this year. Wait a minute…isn’t that the same day The Witcher 2, which happens to be the sequel to an AA game and is a game that is expected to garner AAA reviews, is also released? Does Microsoft really expect to compete with The Witcher 2?

Probably no Steam version

Honestly, the only possible way one would expect this game to recoup its production cost and make a decent amount of money is if it were sold to at least the largest gaming digital distribution service which happens to be Steam. Since Fable 3 is a Microsoft title, it does not seem likely that it will be released on steam, which is a shame, as many would consider buying once it becomes on sale.
By not releasing Fable 2, releasing the third game on May the 17th, and the fact that many might not purchase it as it won’t be available on steam, Microsoft should understand that if the game does not sell properly, it is only because of the bad decision-making it has done with regards to the PC platform.