New Travel Apps I’ve Discovered

These days there’s virtually an app for everything. For the tech-savvy traveler, there is no shortage of apps that track flights, book hotels, convert currency and more.

The problem is a lot of these apps are horrible. Testing apps is hit or miss and for sure you wouldn’t want to pay to test one. Rather than suffer from downloading useless stuff, I share with you three new promising travel apps.

Smarter Paris


Is Paris on your bucket list? With so many things to see and experience, navigating the city of lights can be overwhelming for Parisians and seasoned travelers alike. If you long to savor the beautiful centuries old architecture, visit museums, take a leisurely stroll around Paris’ well-preserved streets, shop at the posh shopping centres or meet Parisians then Smarter Paris is the best if not the only app for you.

Released in December 2014, the creators promise to make your visit hassle-free and memorable. In fact, they market it as “the best Parisian’s guide to Paris.”

Some features are: a Geolocalised Map with no charges for offline usage; a What’s on that makes it easy to check out events, concerts, nightlife and exhibits; an integrated guided walk that’s super easy to use; and a Trip Planner, Journal, currency converter. Truly for the lone traveler this makes exploring Paris neighborhoods seem like touring with a Parisian friend in tow. Right now, the app is available on iPhone and iPad but who knows us Windows Phone users might have it someday.



Airline passengers are mostly ignorant of their rights. Most travelers will just accept their fate and swallow their meager meals along with their pride when their flight gets delayed or canceled. The few who will try to claim monetary compensation will usually give up when the responsible airline fails or rejects the passenger’s claim.

While US and EU laws do provide for compensation, lodging a claim is a complicated process. The team behind AirHelp will make this process simple for you. When you visit their website you will have to check your eligibility. If you are eligible, they will do the rest for you by lodging the petition and follow-up on your behalf. It’s no harm no foul for these guys as they will only take 25% of the compensation if you won.

By the way, the app is available on iOS and Android. Perfect when you’re mobile or you know “trapped” in an airport.



If you’re traveling on a budget within the US but want to stay in hotels instead of hostels then the Stayful app is worth trying out.

Their approach is different from the dozens of hotel booking apps out there. To be able to give you the best hotel rates, you first choose your travel destination and dates. Then you will be shown available properties with the best online rates. After choosing a hotel, you have two ways of booking your stay through Stayful, either by immediate booking or through bidding.  If you do opt to bid the team will negotiate with the hotel of your choice on your behalf.

Although there are travel apps from companies such as Airbnb, ITA Matrix and Kayak that make travel and searching for accommodations hassle-free and cheaper, the apps I’ve mentioned are worth downloading because they have something unique to offer that other travel apps don’t have.

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