Best Antivirus?

Today for my first blog post,we will be examining the 5 most acclaimed and popular anti-viruses, and we are going to group them based on their accessibility and usability(scanning speed,features,etc)

Here is a quick look at the anti-viruses we will be examining:

They will be running on an average processor, intel core 2 dou e6600 2,4ghz

.Kaspersky 2009
.Eset NOD 32
.Symantec antivirus
.Avast! pro antivirus
.Grisoft AVG 8.0.93
1.Scanning speed

The Scanning speed of an Anti-virus is perhaps the most important aspect of the anti-virus.Consumers seek out the fastest and least tedious mean to scan their computer and now we are going to unveil the best

1.Eset NOD 32-Revolutionary-Scanned 60,000 objects(40gb) in 6 minutes and 48 seconds,or 408 seconds.Average speed:98 mb/s, 100%

2.Symantec antivirus-Excellent-Scanned 60,000 objects(40gb) in 13 minutes and 40 seconds,or 820 seconds.Average speed:48.7 mb/s, 49.7% speed of NOD 32

3.Kaspersky 2009-Good-Scanned 60,000 objects(40gb) in 17 minutes and 1 second, or 1021 seconds.Average speed:39.17 mb/s, 39.9% speed of NOD 32

4.Avast! pro-Average-Scanned 60,000 objects(40gb) in 17 minutes and 31 seconds, or 1051 seconds.Average speed:38.05 mb/s. 38.8% speed of NOD 32

5.Grisoft AVG-Poor-Scanned 60,000 objects(40gb) in 24 minutes and 7 seconds, or 1447 seconds. Average speed:27.6 mb/s. 28.1% speed of NOD 32

2.Features and Accessibility

The Features and the Accessibility of the anti-virus will pretty much be the first things you get a taste of, after you purchase the anti-virus,and if they fall below your expectations,I have no doubt that you’ll demand a refund.

1.Kaspersky 2009-Perfect-Very easy to use, the interface is excellent,and it has many options and features.

2.Eset NOD 32-Excellent-Easy to use as Kaspersky, interface is outstanding ,not as many options and features as Kaspersky(No Schedule Scanner?)

3.Grisoft AVG-Excellent-Easy to use, interface is ok, lots of options and features.

4.Symantec antivirus-Average-Outdated interface, easy to use after getting used to, lots of options and features

5.Avast! pro-Poor-Interface is too stylish, hard to use and understand, Moderate amount of options and features.

3.R.A.M Usage

More Ram Usage will reduce your computer speed!

1.Eset NOD 32-Revolutionary-1 process in Windows Task Manager, uses around 6-8 mbs

2.Symantec antivirus-Excellent-1 process, uses around 11mb ram

3.Kaspersky 2009-Good-2 processes, uses around 30 mb ram

4.Grisoft AVG-Poor-5 processes, uses around 38 mb ram

5.Avast! pro-Terrible-1 process, uses around 74mb ram

1.Grisoft AVG-Excellent-1 year is 34.99$
2.Eset NOD 32-Good-1 year is 39$
3.Symantec antivirus-Good-1 year is 39.99$
4.Kaspersky2009-Poor-1 year is 59.95$
5.Avast! pro-Terrible-1 year is 79.95$