Why you should start playing Age of Conan RIGHT NOW

Most of you know Age of Conan as the MMORPG that, well, was unplayable at launch and the MMORPG that has both the unique combat system and the best graphics, but ultimately fell flat on its face because of the absolutely limited amount of content that rapidly declined as you progressed your way past level 20. Well I’m here to tell you that if there is one thing this game proves is that bad games on release DO, over time, get better. Funcom has released many updates that have altered the game, such as the addition of many instances and a whole region. In fact, a significant update was released a couple of days ago to improve the PVP aspect of the game, so, in light of this, I will be running down the reasons on why you should start playing this game right now!

There is a free trial available.

If you haven’t heard of the free trial already, well you have been missing out. The game is currently available for download here. The downside is that the download is pretty huge and that it’s only 7 days long, which is just enough to experience the Tortage portion of the game. However, it is a good idea to be familiar with the combat system and whether or not your computer can handle the game with all the eye-candy turned on.

No Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves, and Midgets bullshit.

If there was one thing that lowered our testosterone levels in MMORPGs, it was the sore sight of seeing an elf wearing pink-colored gear attacking you with a wand. Well, if you are like us, sick of seeing that sort of shit, you’ll be happy know to that, in Age of Conan, each race is actually more hairy and manly than the next.

It’s still the most beautiful MMORPG around.

Shooters have Crysis, MMORPGs have Age of Conan, and RTSs have err….I don’t really know. Anyway, the game is still the best-looking MMORPG to date. In fact, it has direct x 10 features, which I can only say that it was about time Funcom.

The Music.
I will tell you that in this game, the music is beyond exceptional. You have probably heard of the stories of the extreme amount of ganking in this game. Well, I attribute that to the invigorating music. Just listen to this, a sound track that plays over and over in one of Age of Conan’s most gank-fested regions, and then tell me that it does not, in any way, unleash your willingness to cause ultimate chaos. It is no wonder that this game has received many awards for its original music.

We all love rooting for the underdog.

Indeed, you wouldn’t think that I’d be telling you to go buy World of Warcraft now, would you? However, it’s true that the game isn’t doing well in terms of subscriber numbers, and that is mainly because of the fact that it had a pretty rough release, but that is in the past now. An expansion will be released sometime, and hopefully the media exposure will help it back up on its feet.