Natal,Move? I’ll just get the Novint Falcon.

novint falcn

With the upcoming release of Project Natal and Playstation Move, I’ve been wondering if such “advancements” in the gaming world have already been surpassed on the PC platform. Sure, Natal and Move are set to redefine what it is to play games on the consoles, and that’s great and all, but let’s be serious, a device like Natal would not work well on the PC platform mainly because Natal needs 13 feet of space in order to work to its full potential and considering the relative distance between the monitor and the average PC gamer, that fact completely nullifies any chance we’ll see it on the PC anytime soon. Well, that’s where the Novint Falcon comes in.

Unlike Project Natal, The Novint Falcon’s primary goal is to improve upon the existing input device, not, in Natal’s case, to redefine “how we experience video games”, which I honestly think is a far-fetched phrase considering the fact that Nintendo’s Wii tried to do exactly that, and the result, although financially sound, are not that impressive. As a result, I truly doubt that any future amalgamation of sensors, sticks and cameras would impress us in any department other than the financially successful one.

Of Course, if you are not fully aware of what the critically acclaimed Novint Falcon improves upon, and how exactly it is a better purchase than the Natal or Move, Read on.

With force feedback, FPS games essentially become more immersive as you will need to deal with weapon recoil, the weight of carried objects and the damage dealt to your character in-game. Of course, each distinct weapon has its own feel in-game, a shot gun in Half-Life 2, for example, has more violent recoil than say the pistol. Force feedback also offers a new form of interaction with the virtual world; objects in-game can be felt as force is being applied to them. Solid objects in games like Penumbra generally have distinctive texture on them that can be felt as you carry them. Momentum and inertia can be also felt when moving objects in virtual space.

Although the current library of game includes popular multiplayer games, such as Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike: Source and Battlefield 2, The Force feedback mechanism doesn’t work on games that are not listed on the website. However, the Novint Falcon still supports games with latest patches.

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