4 upcoming PC games that will most likely crush your current system

Instead of touting what your state-of-the-art computer can do, we, here at Grand Theft PC, love playing the devil’s advocate so much that we will be celebrating what your computer cannot do. Indeed, one would start to think that the writer of this blog has gone mad and is writing complete jargon, however, that is not true, for it is imperative that my fellow PC gamers receive a healthy dose of a reality check. Thus, we will be listing the 4 upcoming games that will most likely crush your state-of-the-art system.

Project Offset



Project Offset differs from other games in that it has no “official title” yet, and in the insignificant fact that it will run on a never before seen “next-generation” game engine called the Offset Engine. Wait a minute. Did we just say “next generation” as in the generation after this generation? You bet, and it has been in development for over five years, but we like to think the developers are just polishing up the game while waiting for the hardware market to catch up, so by the time it is released you better hope that you will already own something that can run this game decently.

still not convinced?:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2

“Get that rig out of here, Stalker…”


Unlike Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, STALKER 2 will be a fully fledged sequel to the original stalker game, Shadow of Chernobyl. We predict that it will most likely use the X-Ray 2.0 Engine, an updated version of the X-ray 1.6 Engine Call of Pripyat is using. Considering the fact that the ATI 5870 runs Call of Pripyat with direct x 11 at a reasonable 30-40 FPS, we can safely assume that the next installment of Stalker will crush your current computer. Well, there is always the chance of better optimization, but we, as always, doubt that.(UPDATE: It seems that the developers of the Stalker series have licensed the CryEngine 3, nonetheless, we still hope that it will crush your system.)

Battlefield 3

“Not really Battlefield 3”


Although absolutely nothing has been announced about Battlefield 3 other than the rumor of being in development, we hope that the game will push video game graphics to next level with its use of Direct x 11 features, such as hardware tessellation. We also hope that it is PC exclusive as well, as that will undoubtedly increase the chances of it having better graphics and better features.

Crysis 2

“It’s like 2007 again, but in New York!”


Unless you’ve been trying to survive the jungles of Cambodia, you have most likely heard of Crysis 2 and the CryEngine 3. Although I have no doubt that the game will require expensive computing power to fully experience this graphical wonder, I must voice my concern of its “consolization”. As most of you are aware, the game will take place in New York City, so that may mean more indoor game-play and less vegetation which in turn means less of a performance impact. Did Crytek decide to abandon the island theme in favor of supporting the console version? Interesting….What do you think?

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