New Travel Apps I’ve Discovered

These days there’s virtually an app for everything. For the tech-savvy traveler, there is no shortage of apps that track flights, book hotels, convert currency and more.

The problem is a lot of these apps are horrible. Testing apps is hit or miss and for sure you wouldn’t want to pay to test one. Rather than suffer from downloading useless stuff, I share with you three new promising travel apps.

Smarter Paris


Is Paris on your bucket list? With so many things to see and experience, navigating the city of lights can be overwhelming for Parisians and seasoned travelers alike. If you long to savor the beautiful centuries old architecture, visit museums, take a leisurely stroll around Paris’ well-preserved streets, shop at the posh shopping centres or meet Parisians then Smarter Paris is the best if not the only app for you.

Released in December 2014, the creators promise to make your visit hassle-free and memorable. In fact, they market it as “the best Parisian’s guide to Paris.”

Some features are: a Geolocalised Map with no charges for offline usage; a What’s on that makes it easy to check out events, concerts, nightlife and exhibits; an integrated guided walk that’s super easy to use; and a Trip Planner, Journal, currency converter. Truly for the lone traveler this makes exploring Paris neighborhoods seem like touring with a Parisian friend in tow. Right now, the app is available on iPhone and iPad but who knows us Windows Phone users might have it someday.



Airline passengers are mostly ignorant of their rights. Most travelers will just accept their fate and swallow their meager meals along with their pride when their flight gets delayed or canceled. The few who will try to claim monetary compensation will usually give up when the responsible airline fails or rejects the passenger’s claim.

While US and EU laws do provide for compensation, lodging a claim is a complicated process. The team behind AirHelp will make this process simple for you. When you visit their website you will have to check your eligibility. If you are eligible, they will do the rest for you by lodging the petition and follow-up on your behalf. It’s no harm no foul for these guys as they will only take 25% of the compensation if you won.

By the way, the app is available on iOS and Android. Perfect when you’re mobile or you know “trapped” in an airport.



If you’re traveling on a budget within the US but want to stay in hotels instead of hostels then the Stayful app is worth trying out.

Their approach is different from the dozens of hotel booking apps out there. To be able to give you the best hotel rates, you first choose your travel destination and dates. Then you will be shown available properties with the best online rates. After choosing a hotel, you have two ways of booking your stay through Stayful, either by immediate booking or through bidding.  If you do opt to bid the team will negotiate with the hotel of your choice on your behalf.

Although there are travel apps from companies such as Airbnb, ITA Matrix and Kayak that make travel and searching for accommodations hassle-free and cheaper, the apps I’ve mentioned are worth downloading because they have something unique to offer that other travel apps don’t have.

Setting Up A Gaming Shop – What You Must Do

people'z game shop

Have you ever thought about setting up a private gaming shop that interlinks gamers in your area? Dream about creating a hangout where all gamers can socialise and do what they love to do the best – play games? Well, stop dreaming, pull up your sleeves and get to work.

Find A Place
First things first, you need to get the place up and ready. Find a suitable place preferably in the outskirts of the city or somewhere you are confident that you will attract a lot of gamers. Rent a place that is visible for one and all. Ensure that it has the space to fit in a reasonable number of gamers while not burning a hole in your pocket.

Affordable Gaming Computers
Once you have the place ready, you will need the latest gaming computers that you can get your hands-on for giving your little social group the best gaming experience ever. You can easily get your hands on some renowned names such as, Mesh Computers, etc. You will be able to purchase customised PCs that perfectly meet with your requirements.

Most of us believe that we need to spend a lot of money if we need to get our hands on the latest models that are available in the market. However, only a few of us are aware that you can also get cheap gaming computers if you can put in the required amount of effort and spend the time needed.

These days there are many innovative graphics and high-speed video games that require you to have a very suitable computer that can accommodate the latest gaming requirements. If you can take the time and effort to build your system, you can surely make it affordable. Here are your options:

Cheapest Option – For an extremely tight budget, a mere £200 can get you a gaming computer. Only drawback to building this type of system will be that you will have to be stuck with integrated graphics on the processor. Playing modern games will be a difficult task as the speed may not be up to the standards.

Moderate Option – If you want a decent system, then this is the best option for you and you will be spending £260 to £330. You can get a 1920 x 1080 monitor to go with your system. With a 4 GB RAM and a 250 GB hard drive, this will surely be better than the one discussed above, but not as effective as the one discussed below.

Expensive Option – If you are willing to spend anywhere between £450 and £500, then you can get a try high-quality option that will be able to support most of the high-end games of today. You will be able to get an Intel 5 edition, an 8 GB RAM and a 1 TB hard disk drive. You can get all these components from reliable sources and then assemble them to get the most powerful gaming computer for you.

Establishing Your System Network
The job is only half done once you are through building the systems as per your requirement. For connecting them with each other for a mind blowing gaming experience you will need to establish a system network. It is recommended that you hire any one of the renowned IT services in or near the city in which you intend to start shop. For instance, if your place is located in or nearby London, its best that you take the help of a renowned company like Prosyn, Evanet, Urban Network, etc. that offer network services in London. The logic behind is that they can be approached quickly and if need be they can conduct a personal investigation if any issues arise.

Advertise & Promote
You can advertise in local dailies and also on the social media where gamers gather in large numbers. Offering special promotional packages and memberships can also draw the attention of gamers.

Your Gaming Mouse Can Be Your Fitness Monitor!

gaming mouse

Technology today has taken the world by storm and it is no surprise that we have become heavily dependent in it. Here, in the world as we know it, IT services and businesses have moved to cloud technology, and outsourcing has become a common thing. All facets of technology has evolved way more than what some had dreamed in the past century. Technology interlinks all things today with different streams interlinked to each other to bring out the best out of both worlds. What did not seem a possibility some decades back has become a reality today!

The spokesperson of Cloud London 365 substantiates this – “Our forefathers, who invented the electro-magnetic computers, wouldn’t have imagined that storing files in the computer system would be easy. In fact with the introduction of cloud computing two different industries can be seen interlinking with each other. The gaming industry would never have imagined intertwining with health. However, today it is not only possible to interlink these two industries, but is also possible to store information that is thus retrieved in the cloud, to be referred at any given point of time at any place.” For more information on how it can be done, you can click here.

Never has something been talked about as much as fitness monitoring in the gaming world in recent times. There is a good chance that you too have joined in the bandwagon. Everything related to technology in the present day has turned into a fitness monitor be it your smart watch or your smart phone. These devices help in monitoring your heart rate, pulse, calorie intake and burnout and make a quick calculation on the ratio as well!

The latest to join the party is your gaming mouse. Say hello to Mionix NAOS QG that can simply blow your mind. It is a gaming mouse like no other. It has four sensors which differentiates it from the other gaming mice we come across. The mouse is capable of tracking simple motions such as heartbeat, skin response, etc.

What’s more this information is displayed to you when you are on your gaming mode! Though at times some users can feel that this is being a little too pushy to your liking, it definitely does give us some important information and being health related it should not be taken lightly. The four sensors are metallic and these are a little raised above the mouse surface. The actual placement varies depending on the model of the mouse that you choose but usually these sit on the back of the mouse.

Action Per Minute Sensor
There is an action per minute sensor that indicates the number of times you click on the mouse which helps to indicate the activity levels of the individual playing the game. The sensors also monitor the distance the mouse travels which is one of the most fascinating things that you never get to monitor as you play.

Skin Response Sensor
The skin response sensor calculates the intensity with which the game is played. This is measured by calculating the sweat on your palm. It also helps to calculate the heart beat of the gamer and its rate. What more the heartbeat rate comes in the form of EKG readout that makes it easy for the gamer to compare to the baseline and check when it is peaking and when it is not.

True, like all other devices, there are plenty of flaws, to begin with, I am sure you would have guessed, for those who have sweaty hands, this might not give the exact reading. Also, not all gamers use the claw-grip while gaming and hence the heart beat levels that are indicated may not be correct. Most important, the sensors are of no use if the gamer’s hand is not positioned correctly on the mouse as it is designed for. In short, in a perfect world, it works fine which is appreciated but not so much otherwise!

4 upcoming PC games that will most likely crush your current system

Instead of touting what your state-of-the-art computer can do, we, here at Grand Theft PC, love playing the devil’s advocate so much that we will be celebrating what your computer cannot do. Indeed, one would start to think that the writer of this blog has gone mad and is writing complete jargon, however, that is not true, for it is imperative that my fellow PC gamers receive a healthy dose of a reality check. Thus, we will be listing the 4 upcoming games that will most likely crush your state-of-the-art system.

Project Offset



Project Offset differs from other games in that it has no “official title” yet, and in the insignificant fact that it will run on a never before seen “next-generation” game engine called the Offset Engine. Wait a minute. Did we just say “next generation” as in the generation after this generation? You bet, and it has been in development for over five years, but we like to think the developers are just polishing up the game while waiting for the hardware market to catch up, so by the time it is released you better hope that you will already own something that can run this game decently.

still not convinced?:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2

“Get that rig out of here, Stalker…”


Unlike Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, STALKER 2 will be a fully fledged sequel to the original stalker game, Shadow of Chernobyl. We predict that it will most likely use the X-Ray 2.0 Engine, an updated version of the X-ray 1.6 Engine Call of Pripyat is using. Considering the fact that the ATI 5870 runs Call of Pripyat with direct x 11 at a reasonable 30-40 FPS, we can safely assume that the next installment of Stalker will crush your current computer. Well, there is always the chance of better optimization, but we, as always, doubt that.(UPDATE: It seems that the developers of the Stalker series have licensed the CryEngine 3, nonetheless, we still hope that it will crush your system.)

Battlefield 3

“Not really Battlefield 3”


Although absolutely nothing has been announced about Battlefield 3 other than the rumor of being in development, we hope that the game will push video game graphics to next level with its use of Direct x 11 features, such as hardware tessellation. We also hope that it is PC exclusive as well, as that will undoubtedly increase the chances of it having better graphics and better features.

Crysis 2

“It’s like 2007 again, but in New York!”


Unless you’ve been trying to survive the jungles of Cambodia, you have most likely heard of Crysis 2 and the CryEngine 3. Although I have no doubt that the game will require expensive computing power to fully experience this graphical wonder, I must voice my concern of its “consolization”. As most of you are aware, the game will take place in New York City, so that may mean more indoor game-play and less vegetation which in turn means less of a performance impact. Did Crytek decide to abandon the island theme in favor of supporting the console version? Interesting….What do you think?